A Culture of Safety

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At Taj Industial, we are dedicated to the making sure safety is at the forefront of all we do. We believe all aspects of our business should be done in a  safe manner, matching our corporate values.


Our management team and team members continually strive to adopt a pro-active approach to safety by incorporating best practices and continual improvement into our day to day activities.

Taj Industrial is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment in which we operate by conducting all aspects of our business in an environmentally responsible manner- we are very proud of our safety achievements.

As members of ISNetworld as well as maintaining our COR safety certification, we are continually striving to refine and improve upon our success.

We strive to be THE leader in safety performance.

We continually work on adapting our safety program to today's standards, through various auditing processes, and continual improvement to ensure the safety of all our workers & Subcontractors. Our goal is that everyone involved in our projects, has the tools and training necessary to eliminate injuries from our projects.

A COR Certified Company

COR Safety

Taj Industrial undergoes yearly audits to ensure our safety program is being maintained to the top industry standards. We are proud to be COR certified.


ISNetworld Certified

Taj Industrial is a ISNETWORLD member Contractor. Many of our customers use this safety auditing tool to authenticate our safety program and ensure it is meeting the mandated safety standards of their Global Operations.